It’s no secret that the digital industry is booming. From exciting startups to global brands, companies are reaching out to digital agencies, responding to the new possibilities available. However, the industry is fast becoming overcrowded, heaving with agencies offering similar services — on the surface, at least.

Producing creative, fresh projects is the key to standing out. Unique side projects are the best place to innovate, but balancing commercially and creatively lucrative work is tricky. So, this article looks at how to make side projects work and why they’re worthwhile, drawing on lessons learned from our development of the ux ompanion app.

A complete financial accounting system for companies and accountants to maintain their financial accounting transactions. The accounting system includes various modules such as: the accounts payable, receivables, journal vouchers, expense statements, credit notes, debit notes, sales registers, purchase registers, costing, budgeting, taxation, fixed assets, ledger balances, profit & loss, balance sheet, income tax return, gst return, sales tax returns and much more.

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